Upcoming Adult Learning Conference Dates

February 12, 2020

Program Administrators:


As discussed at the last Program Administrators’ Meeting, we attempted to secure March 14, 2020 and May 16, 2020 as Adult Learning Conference dates here at the school (St. Hugh’s).  Unfortunately, those dates are not available as the spring is a very busy time here.  At present, we are planning on running a Case Manager Training on March 14, 2020 with Eastern Suffolk BOCES (see our website to register).  I would like to offer other workshops on these dates (or others) but will need several locations to hold the workshops.  The plan is to run two 3-hour workshops at each site so that staff can receive 6-hours of PD for the day.  We have trainers available and are open to the workshop topics (i.e., CUNY Master Teacher topics); please let me know if you can host any Saturday sessions and we can work out the details.


Also, we are open to other days of the week (not just Saturdays) but we know that many teachers work during the week and it seems that Saturdays are a good day.


Please email me with you thoughts and/or availability.






Martin G. Murphy, Ph.D.


1450 New York Avenue

Huntington Station, NY 11746

631-923-2913 (Office)